Import ACSC Windows Hardening Policies in Intune - Step by Step Instructions

Step by Step instructions to create ACSC Windows 10 hardening settings in Intune using Graph API

Microsoft have published Intune policies to comply with Australian Cyber Security Centre's (ACSC) Windows 10 Hardening Guidance 

This policies are quite easy to import using graph explorer using official instruction provided at 

However, this guide provides detailed steps by step instructions and screenshots to simply this process. 

To import these settings in Intune follow these steps

1. Navigate to  Microsoft Graph Explorer.

2. Click on Sign in, login using authorised privileges in respective tenant i.e. Global Administrator

 3. You may get a prompt to accept the consent,  select Consent on behalf of your organization then click Accept.

4. Create a post request using Beta schema and type following query as shown in the screenshot, 
5. Open new browser and go to ACSC Windows Hardening Guidelines policy and paste it in the request body

6.  Go back to Graph Explorer and Paste the content in request body, modify the name value if required.

7. Go to Modify permissions(preview) and click Consent.
8. You will get a prompt to accept the consent,  select Consent on behalf of your organization then click Accept.

You will receive the error if permissions are not granted.

9. Click Run Query to create the configuration profile in Intune tenant. You will notice green tick in  couple few seconds. 

10. You can to to Intune Portal  to see the newly created ACSC Windows Hardening Configuration profile and you may complete the assignment to apply this policy to Windows device.

11. You may open the settings and make changes as per your requirements. 

12. Copy/Paste other ACSC JSON policies and paste in Graph Explorer to complete creation of policies in Intune.

13. Once you complete the policies import, you will see following setting are enabled in the Intune tenant.
  • Configuration Profiles
  • Powershell Script
  • Security Baselines

  • Attack surface reduction rules

Check out following link for more information. 


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