Microsoft 365 Defender Security Portal : Managing email download and preview permissions

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enables businesses to manage their data securely and efficiently. A crucial aspect of data administration is ensuring that the correct individuals have the appropriate access levels to perform their duties without jeopardising data security. Using the Microsoft 365 compliance centre (, we will walk through the process of assigning user permissions to access and preview email communications. I have endeavored to rectify this problem using the procedures provided below.

As per the Microsoft Documentation Preview role needs to be assigned from Defender Portal. However, this feature is not available. You have to complete the steps using Microsoft 365 Compliance Portal. Please refer to detailed steps below:

ISSUE : Administrator cannot preview or Download email from M365 Defender Security Portal (

Finally, here are the set of steps to be followed that I found that resolved the issue:

Step 1: Accessing the Microsoft 365 compliance center
1. Login to Microsoft 365 : 
        Sign in to your Microsoft 365 administrator account.
2. Navigate to the Compliance Centre :  
        Sign in to the Microsoft 365 compliance centre using your                administrator credentials.

Step 2: Navigating to Permissions

1. Find and select on the 'Permissions' option in the Microsoft 365 compliance center's left navigation         pane.
2. This will display a page listing the different permission responsibilities that can be assigned to                users.

Step 3: Creating a Role

1. Select Roles from the Microsoft Purview Solution menu. It will open a new window if the Down            Arrow label is dropped.
2. Now click on New Role Group Button

Step 4: Creating a Role
1. Enter the Name of the Role and click on next.
2. Then search and select the names of the Role, “Preview” and then click on next.

3. Then, add the member from the list, which would vary depending on the case but would always            include Admin.

Step 5: Saving Changes

1. After making the necessary adjustments, make sure to save the changes.
2. Review the permissions to ensure that they have been assigned correctly.

Verifying Access

After designating permissions, it is advisable to confirm that users have received the access as intended. You can communicate with the users and request that they perform a test to ensure that they are able to download and preview emails as necessary.

For example : The screenshot below shows the users can download or preview email.



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