Unable to add ipads to Apple DEP/Business Manager

Unable to add device to Apple DEP Program Manually using Apple Configurator 2

Apple Configurator 2 was showing following error message: Provisional Enrollment failed. Network Communication error MCCloudConfigErrorDomain – 0x80EF (33007), The Error screenshot is shown below. 

Connect ipad to wifi or mobile network and restart the enrollment process.


  1. are you able to provide more details on the fix

    1. what do you want to know ? in my case, we wanted to manually add devices to apple dep. however, devices were failing due to lack of internet connectivity to commence activation...

    2. I am having this same issue but with only some others work fine on the same internet. Soooo Mine are connnected to wifi and when I perpare them they are erase completely to go into from apple config to apple business manager. Can you help me with this a little more?

  2. The "connect to wifi" solution does not work. I am still seeing the same error


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