SQL Query to get Mobile Device and Primary Users from Microsoft Configmgr

Following query will give you list of the mobile device managed by Intune and its user from Configmgr.

SELECT        dbo.v_R_System.Name0, dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.IMEI0, dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.PhoneNumber0, dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.DeviceManufacturer0, 
                         dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.DeviceModel0, dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.SerialNumber0, dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.TimeStamp AS Expr1, 
                         dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.FirmwareVersion0, dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.SoftwareVersion0, dbo.v_R_User.Full_User_Name0, dbo.v_R_User.Name0 AS UserID, 
                         dbo.v_R_System INNER JOIN
                         dbo.v_UsersPrimaryMachines INNER JOIN
                         dbo.v_R_User ON dbo.v_UsersPrimaryMachines.UserResourceID = dbo.v_R_User.ResourceID ON dbo.v_R_System.ResourceID = dbo.v_UsersPrimaryMachines.MachineID ON 
                         dbo.v_GS_DEVICE_COMPUTERSYSTEM.ResourceID = dbo.v_R_System.ResourceID
WHERE        (dbo.v_R_System.MDMStatus = N'1')

Sample Report is shown below:


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