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Intune Hybrid to Standalone Migration - Policy Removal can take 7 days !

We have commenced  Intune Hybrid to Intune Standalone migration. We had configured iOS feature configuration - Web Content Filter for Safari browser. However, these settings were removed from the profile due to the undesired impact i.e. Unable to run Safari private mode. However, these settings were not removed from some of the devices. Policies are applied immediately but the Tattoo removal is disabled for the first 7 days of Device migration from Hybrid to Standalone.  e.g. Create a new policy to change wallpaper or Web Content Filter - It will be applied immediately. Untarget an existing policy, it will not be removed from the device until 7 days. After 7 days have passed, if Admin untargets a policy, it will be removed immediately. The intention of the delay is to keep protecting device before the device sign-in and fully managed by new Standalone MDM authority. In nutshell, please ensure policies are thoroughly tested and be mindful that policy changes may take up to 7