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ConfigMgr CB Backup Failing

SCCM site backup was failing with following error,  smsbkup.log showing following error. Cannot find the dependent writer. The dependant component cannot be backed up. AddDependentComponent(pDependency) failed. Error code = 0x80,004,005.Error description = . Error: GatherWriterMetadata failed. 1. To fix this issue  Run 'VSSAdmin list writers' command. 2. Ensure following writers listed. 3. If you identify these two writers are not listed, restart 'SQL Server VSS Writer' if SQLServierWriter' is missing or 'SMS_Site_VSS_Writer' if SMS writer is missing. 4. 'VSSAdmin list writers', ensure both services are listed. 5. start sms_site_backup service to start backup, monitor smsbkup.log, ensure backup completed successfully.

Dell Latitude 7480 Unable to Detect NVMe Drive

Dell Latitude 7480 Unable to Detect NVMe Drive while PXE booting using UEFI secureboot. To fix the issue download ' Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Management Console' drivers from Dell Website.   Extract all drivers files, go to Drivers\Prodcution\Windows10-x64.  Inject iastoreAC.INF file drivers using DRVLoad command during PXEboot or in the bootimage. i.e Drvload \path\iastoreac.inf